Join our R&D team!

Inify Laboratories is building its first histopathology laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. Our pathologists and personnel will be supported by state-of-the-art information systems, such as a proprietary AI-based pathology decision support tool, the Inify pathology workstation with structured reporting, and a tailor-made laboratory process support system.
The R&D team of Inify Laboratories will continually improve the digital tools using an agile devops process. Together with the medical and laboratory staff, as well as external partners, they will also participate in research activities to further the state of the art of digital pathology.
We are now looking for new people to join our R&D team.

Meet Stefan Elfwing

AI Research Scientist
After a 17-year research career in Japan, with a special focus on AI and deep learning, Stefan became one of the main developers of INIFY Prostate. He is currently hard at work in the field of digital pathology, carrying out research and developing algorithms.
“What attracted me to Inify Laboratories was the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to developing algorithms that can make a real difference for many people. I really look forward to working together with pathologists, in pushing the boundaries of AI in digital pathology. In my earlier research career I used to work very independently; today, I truly enjoy working as part of a team, towards a common goal.”