INIFY® Podcast

Welcome to the INIFY Podcast, where we’ll be giving you a deeper insight into the six superpowers of INIFY® Prostate.
In this episode, ContextVision's product manager Kristian Eurén explains the first of INIFY® Prostate’s superpowers: FAST. Subscribe to the podcast for more insights into the superpowers of INIFY.

00:46 Pre-processed, pre-analyzed slides speed up workflow
01:15 The viewer’s time-saving features
01:43 Smart annotation tools
02:05 Pre-sorted slides
02:23 Synchronized IHC slides and HE slides
02:36 Can pathologists correct the results?
03:07 Developed in sync with pathologists
03:32 Feedback from users
04:49 More about INIFY®

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