power to the pathologist


Different scanners have small variations in image resolutions, compression and white balancing when scanning whole slide images. These variations can sometime create problems when applying an AI algorithm. In our algorithm training, we have used data from patients all over the world, stained at numerous different labs and scanned with different scanners.

INIFY® Prostate’s algorithms stand up impressively to known differences between labs, enabling a plug-and-play approach. Tests have been performed on slides stained at different labs as well as scanned on different scanners, with impressive results.
A prototype version of the product has been used daily for two years in our fully digital pathology workflow here in Catania, and I can testify that it is really easy to use, saves time and helps highlight suspicious areas for cancer.
Dr. Filippo Fraggetta, Chief Pathologist
Cannizzaro Hospital, Italy

Testimonials from Ospedale Cannizzaro in Catania, Italy, where INIFY Prostate Screening is fully integrated in the digital workflow since 2018, show excellent results and user satisfaction.