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Power to the pathologist

INIFY® Prostate Screening provides pathologists with a decision support tool that explores the advantages of new digital technology in whole new ways. Drawing on the very latest breakthroughs in deep learning, INIFY Prostate Screening empowers pathologists faced with today’s ever-increasing workload. It makes room for smarter, more accurate and faster decisions, and is already proven to be adaptable to different workflows and user needs. INIFY Prostate Screening builds on the strong foundation of innovation, technical know-how and professionalism that has been a trademark of ContextVision for the last 30 years.
INIFY® is a registered trademark of ContextVision AB
We are proud to announce that INIFY® Prostate Screening has been granted CE mark status, and is now available for routine clinical use within the European Union.
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An algorithm is only as smart as its underlying training data. The predicting AI-based engine in INIFY® Prostate Screening is built on deep learning algorithms that are meticulously trained.
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For real diagnostic confidence, accuracy is everything, and this is where we truly shine.
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INIFY® Prostate Screening is designed to help pathologists make the most of their valuable time.
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Our experienced specialists have been working closely together with pathologists from all over the world, creating tools that can be attuned to diverse clinical workflows and user needs.
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Innovation, technical know-how and professionalism – these are the cornerstones of ContextVision’s enduring market leadership for the last 30 years.
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What is INIFY Prostate Screening?

INIFY Prostate Screening is an AI-based and CE-marked decision support tool that suggests and outlines suspected cancer areas in digital H&E whole-slide images of prostate biopsy samples.

MasterAnnotation™ is a standardized procedure for generating close-to-ground-truth training data, patented by ContextVision. Patent US 10,572,996.

One out of seven will be diagnosed with prostate cancer

Handling of prostate biopsies makes up an increasing amount of workload for today's pathology labs. Here, powerful decision support tools – such as INIFY Prostate Screening – have the potential to save valuable time for the pathologist, while ensuring a more objective, consistent and accurate evaluation of the biopsies.

MasterAnnotation™ – for accurate, reliable performance

The INIFY algorithms are trained on data from our MasterAnnotation method – a unique and patented innovation developed by ContextVision.
MasterAnnotation is our standardized procedure for generating training data. Briefly, a high-resolution multiplex immunofluorescence overlay is used to generate a precise annotation – an augmented ground truth – for the development and optimization of the INIFY algorithms.
In 2019, the MasterAnnotation method was granted patent protection by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) – ContextVision’s first patent in the digital pathology field; patent US 10,572,996
A prototype version of the product has been used daily for two years in our fully digital pathology workflow here in Catania, and I can testify that it is really easy to use, saves time and helps highlight suspicious areas for cancer.
Dr. Filippo Fraggetta, Chief Pathologist
Cannizzaro Hospital, Italy


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Pioneering the frontiers of image analysis

INIFY Prostate Screening builds on the strong foundation of innovation, technical know-how and professionalism that has been a trademark of ContextVision for the last 30 years. Today, our state-of-the-art solutions for medical imaging are used in over 300,000 systems worldwide.

Meet the INIFY team

We look forward to demonstrating INIFY Prostate Screening, answering your questions and sharing ideas about the future at these upcoming venues:


3–4 December 2020

7th Digital Pathology & AI Congress

7th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: 

Utilizing AI & Digital Pathology to Advance Pathology Practice & Enable Enhanced Patient Care


5–9 December 2020

32nd Congress of the ESP and XXXIII International Congress of the IAP

32nd Congress of the ESP and XXXIII International Congress of the IAP: 

A Vision for the Future