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Inify Laboratories is a fully digital histopathology laboratory. We provide AI-powered diagnostic services within selected cancer types, currently for prostate cancer.
By combining state-of-the art AI, lab equipment with strict process control and a passionate cross-functional team, we aim to radically improve cancer diagnostics. The promise to our customers and partners includes reliable response times, high and consistent quality and more efficient workflows.
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Uncompromising quality

The road to the optimal pathology image begins with the biopsy procedure, where we work together with our customers to ensure samples are managed carefully from the start. Once the specimen has arrived at our lab facility, it is prepared for diagnosis using cutting-edge equipment, operated by our experienced, skilled and quality-focused biomedical scientists. All steps – grossing, embedding, dehydration, cutting, staining and scanning – are continuously calibrated and quality assured. From start to finish, you can trust that we leave nothing to chance.
A lot of the diagnosis in pathology is subjective, e.g. grading and staging of cancer and variation between pathologists is natural and well known. What is less known is that a big part of the variation is also due to variations in image quality.

At Inify Laboratories, we believe these variations should be brought down to a minimum, to increase diagnostic accuracy to a maximum. Listen to our product manager Kristian Eurén who explains the background to why image quality might vary so much and what we are doing about it.

Fast, impressively accurate AI

In 2020 our AI solution INIFY Prostate® was CE marked and it has a proven track record of both sensitivity (finding cancer) as well as specificity (identifying non-cancerous areas). This state-of-the-art AI is the heart of our tailor-made decision support tool, meticulously developed to provide a maximally efficient workflow. By managing all samples in a strictly streamlined and standardized way, we can continuously feed our AI with consistent, quality-controlled images. In this way we can provide accurate predictions, and at the same time work together with our pathologists to further fine-tune diagnosis quality and efficiency.

Our decision support tool has been evaluated in several clinical studies, with excellent results.
Read more about them here: 

In the Pan-European multicenter clinical study FirstPath, INIFY Prostate produced highly accurate, robust and homogenous results at all sites

INIFY Prostate® shown to accurately outline suspicious prostate cancer in study with two prominent medical centers

Deep neural network as a decision support tool for the detection
of lymph node metastases of colorectal cancer

Accelerating precision medicine through precision diagnostics

Improved treatment options, the advent of precision medicine, and efforts for early detection of cancer all mean that we must provide subspecialized pathology with high accuracy, while at the same time handling increasing numbers of samples with fast turnaround times.

With Inify Laboratories, we have taken specialization a step further – building a complete laboratory from scratch, with a focus on just a few selected cancer types, initially prostate cancer. We offer a strictly streamlined and controlled laboratory process and our world-leading AI in collaboration with our specialized uropathologists.

Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help accelerating precision medicine through precision diagnostics.
Inify laboratories was created to increase efficiency and precision in pathology by applying artificial intelligence and digital tools to routine histopathology.

In this video, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Claes Lindh, explains why pathology needs to be done in a smarter way and how it can also make the diagnostician's work more interesting.

Embedded sustainability

Our lab is constructed in close collaboration between our biomedical scientists and experts from the process development sector. This has led to a number of clever solutions for minimizing environmental impact. For example, we have a separate drain for collecting dangerous chemicals such as formalin and xylene, where the latter can even be recycled. Inify Laboratories aims to save energy in every step of our process. This is why our ventilated benches are only active when needed. We also do our best to keep our transports to a minimum, using eco-friendly options.

A solid foundation

Inify Laboratories is a spin off from ContextVision, a pioneer in algorithm development for medical image enhancement since 1983. Today, ContextVision’s state-of-the-art solutions for medical imaging are used in over 350,000 systems worldwide. Innovation, technical know-how and professionalism – have been the cornerstones of ContextVision’s enduring market leadership for almost 40 years – and Inify Laboratories is proud to continue on along this path. Our research foundation is strong, and our close collaboration with clinicians helps us ensure that technological breakthroughs truly benefit patients.

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