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Waiting for a biopsy test result is an anxious time for your patients. In Sweden, the stipulated time for receiving the diagnosis after a prostate biopsy is 11 days. In 2021, only 11% of all patients got their results within that time. 39% had to wait for more than 3 weeks (see for more information).

Additionally, the diagnosis may further vary depending on which lab has handled the samples, and which pathologist has created the report. 
For you as a urologist, the report should be of a high and consistent quality. It should be easy to interpret so that you have the best possible starting point to make the treatment decisions.
Reliable and consistent quality
We believe your patients deserve more reliable test results, in a shorter time. For the urologist, reports should be of high and consistent quality, and easy to interpret – providing the best possible basis for treatment decisions.
This can be achieved through a specialized workflow, 100% dedicated to prostate biopsies. With Inify Laboratories, you can be sure that the diagnosis is performed by a uropathologist. Furthermore, our outstanding image quality, supporting AI and reporting tool ensure a high level of consistency and an easily-interpreted visual report.  

Our lab has been tailor-made to handle prostate biopsies

Visual reports,
easy to interpret

Reports from Inify Laboratories are visual and easy to interpret. We have developed them in close collaboration with urologists to ensure they facilitate, not complicate, the treatment decision. Thanks to standardized terminology, localization information drawn in the report, and clear tables with measurements and findings, we have minimized the time needed to interpret the report. 

Reliable response times. Smooth, efficient workflows. High quality diagnostics. Every time.

By combining state-of-the art AI, lab equipment with strict process control and a passionate cross-functional team, we aim to radically improve cancer diagnostics. The promise to our clients and partners includes reliable response times, high and consistent quality and more efficient workflows.
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Chief Medical Officer – Claes Lindh, MD, PhD

Meet our Chief Medical Officer

At Inify, we believe in personal contact, and in the pathologist working closely together with the urologist for the patient’s best interest. Here, one important aspect is that our diagnosticians are specialized in uropathology. In this short video, our Chief Medical Officer, Claes Lindh, MD, PhD, explains why we need to rethink how we make pathology diagnostics.

Smooth, traceable logistics  

The process management systems enable traceability in every step, for every patient case. It starts with the biopsy specimen transport from the clinic, which from a patient safety perspective is an asset. From there, we maintain the integrity of the case all the way through our lab and to the report. The pick-up is performed efficiently and is set up to work not only in Stockholm’s inner city, but in the entire Nordic region, from university and regional hospitals to individual clinics. 

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