The highly skilled team behind INIFY® Prostate Screening has vast experience across a broad range of areas, such as: AI and deep learning, product management, UX, QA/Reg, clinical trials, immunology, biology, service and support, marketing and sales. We are passionate about what we do and proud of our mission – power to the pathologist – which will ultimately create better care for more people.

Pioneering the frontiers of image analysis

INIFY Prostate Screening builds on the strong foundation of innovation, technical know-how and professionalism that has been a trademark of ContextVision for the last 30 years. Today, our state-of-the-art solutions for medical imaging are used in over 300,000 systems worldwide.

As the global market leader within image enhancement, ContextVision are a trusted partner to leading manufacturers of ultrasound, X-ray and MRI equipment around the world.
ContextVision has developed and implemented a Policy to ensure compliance to the General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR. This is based on a respect for the personal integrity of our customers and partners and it serves as a guideline to our employees for how to handle data governed by the new regulations.