Pathology services

Reducing your workload

We can assist your pathology department to enhance your service to referring clinicians and patients. This gives you high and consistent quality and faster turnaround times. 

Full diagnostic service

From sample preparation to report
Your pathology department probably manages many specimen types in a complex workflow, where urgent cases share the same resources as other important, but less acute cases. With Inify Laboratories, you can reduce the workload of your team by outsourcing your prostate biopsies.

We take care of the whole diagnostic process, from sample preparation to report, where the latter is performed by a specialized uropathologist. In turn, your referring urologists can count on receiving a report with optimal diagnostic quality – thanks to our 100% specialization in prostate cancer – within a maximum of 5 working days.

Laboratory service

When your laboratory process is the bottleneck
For pathology departments where the laboratory process is a bottleneck, it is also possible to outsource tissue preparation, digitalization and AI support to Inify Laboratories. 

Your own pathologists will be a part of our process. This way, you speed up your workflow, reduce pressure on your laboratory staff, and maintain and enhance diagnostic skills within the department. 

Accelerating precision medicine

Improved treatment options, the advent of precision medicine, and efforts for early detection of cancer all mean that we must provide subspecialized pathology with high accuracy, while at the same time handling increasing numbers of samples with fast turnaround times.

With Inify Laboratories, we have taken specialization a step further – building a complete laboratory from scratch, with a focus on just a few selected cancer types, initially prostate cancer. Biopsy specimens are prepared in a strictly streamlined and controlled laboratory process, allowing for optimal image quality, well suited to our world-leading AI. The cases are signed out by our specialized uropathologists supported by our AI-based diagnostic decision support tools to ensure optimal diagnostic quality.

At Inify, we believe that there can be no better basis for developing precision medicine and individualized cancer treatment for the future.

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... your referring urologists can count on receiving a report with optimal diagnostic quality – thanks to our 100% specialization in prostate cancer – and within a maximum of 5 working days.
In this video, Inify’s Chief Medical Officer Claes Lindh describes how Inify will handle biopsies from request, via pick-up, tissue preparation, digitalization and diagnosis to a visual report that is easy to interpret.

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