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Inify Laboratories AB is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo since June 20th, 2022. All shares have equal rights and are freely transferable. Please follow the development of the Inify Laboratories share on Euronext Growth and view stock exchange releases at NewsWeb.

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Health care


Inify Laboratories AB is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo under the ticker INIFY.
The list of total shares and largest shareholders is updated monthly, usually at month end. The last update was made on 2022-09-01. The company has a total of 45,236,750 outstanding shares.

20 largest shareholders

Number of shares heldOwnership (%)Shareholder
27 181 38660,09%
Gallivant S.á.r.l.
4 591 412
10,15%Tauri AS
1 964 7684,34%
Günther-Hanssen, Sven
1 872 4144,14%
MP Pensjon PK
1 872 2094,14%
Danske Bank A/S
894 5431,98%
Bras Kapital AS
748 9091,66%
Stavland, Bernt
648 1671,43%
Stavland, Anders
469 1181,04%
Swedbank AB
427 5680,95%
Stavland, Per
354 9710,78%
Vinterstua AS
336 9500,74%Monsun AS
258 9910,57%Avanza Bank AB
244 9000,54%Olsen, Lars Ejnar
200 0000,44%Sveen, Kristian
172 6970,38%
Danske Bank A/S
166 2310,37%
Skjelbred, Rune
164 9660,36%
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
141 4360,31%Svenska Handelsbanken AB
2 525 1145,58%Others
45 236 750100,00%Total

Primary Insider Transactions

Information about primary insider transactions can be found under Investor news.

Dividend policy

The board of Inify Laboratories AB has not adopted a dividend policy since the Company considers itself to be in a growth phase, and therefore does not foresee that it will pay dividends in the near future. In deciding whether to propose a dividend and in determining the dividend amount, the Board of Directors will take into account legal restrictions as well as capital expenditure plans, financing requirements and maintaining the appropriate strategic flexibility.