Meet our board of directors

Lars Olof Sandén, Chair

Lars Olof Sandén

Chairman of the board since 2021 
Born: 1962 

: Master’s degree from Chalmers, Gothenburg and ETH Zurich, Executive MBA Columbia, New York.

Other directorships
: Micropos, ContextVision and Unisport OY.

Previous positions
: Boston Consulting Group in Munich and Stockholm, Trade Commissioner and Regional Manager at Business Sweden, Vice President of Elekta, CEO of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), focusing on merging the Swedish research institutes into a national organization. Several M&A projects with subsequent integration work.

Current position
: Partner at Transearch, an international executive search company.

Shareholding as of 31 December 2023: 100,300 shares and 98,390 options. 

Knut Martin Henschen Ingvar, Board member

Knut Martin Henschen Ingvar

Member of the board since 2021 
Born: 1955

: MD, Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology, PhD

Other directorships
: International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement and ContextVision AB.

Previous positions
: Dean of Research, Karolinska Institutet, 2009–2012. Managed Karolinska MR Research Centre for twentyfive years, published about 250 research papers and contributed to 15 books.

Current position
: Barbro and Bernard Osher, Professor of Integrative Medicine at Karolinska Institutet. Current focus: formal description of clinical knowledge and quality in clinical care.

Shareholding as of 31 December 2023: 101,200 shares and 295,170 options. 

Magne Jordanger, Board member

Magne Jordanger

Member of the board since May 2022 
Born: 1953

: BA degree from IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Other directorships
: Monsun AS (Chair), Konsmo Fabrikker AS (Chair), Creditsafe Group S.A (Chair), Nordic Car Logistic AB.

Shareholding as of 31 December 2023: 28,168,336 shares. 
Sven Günther-Hanssen

Sven Christian Günther-Hanssen

Board member
Sven Günther-Hanssen (born 1954) is one of the founders of ContextVision, previous parent company of Inify Laboratories. He has served as CEO and chairman of the board of ContextVision and is currently a board member of ContextVision. Günther-Hanssen has acted as a venture capitalist and been involved in start-up companies in the medical, industrial, and financial sectors in the capacity of investor as well as board member. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University.