Invest in Inify Laboratories

As a shareholder in Inify Laboratories, you are investing in:

  • A paradigm shift in healthcare through a unique combination of laboratory design and operations, a highly accurate AI, user-centric IT solutions and a skilled, cross-professional team. Thanks to this, we can shorten time for diagnosis, but even more importantly, we can provide a consistently high diagnosis quality.
  • Meeting an unquestionable need, where a growing, aging population will increase the necessity for cancer diagnostics in an already strained healthcare. With a global shortage of pathologists and lab technicians, finding smart and efficient solutions to solve this equation is a must.
  • A scalable business model, both in terms of volume and types of diagnosis as well as geographically.
  • A sustainable organization that pays attention to detail in terms of minimizing chemical waste, as well as optimizing logistics. Regarding gender equality, about 50% of our organization are women, including half of the management team.
  • A socially responsible company contributing to improved health and well-being for patients and a good work environment for our customers, partners and staff. 

About us

Inify Laboratories provides cancer diagnostics through ultra-modern laboratory services within pathology. It uses a fully digital, standardized and AI- supported workflow to optimize quality and response times, initially within prostate.

The service includes the whole chain of sample handling: from logistics, to sample preparation, to reporting by a pathologist from either Inify Laboratories or the customer’s organization. The report is assisted by our own AI, proven in clinical studies to have world-leading accuracy. The complete workflow is supported by a tailor-made process control system.

The company, based in Sweden, became independent in 2022 through a spin-off from ContextVision, with 40 years of experience within digital imaging for medical applications.