Join our R&D team!

Inify Laboratories is building its first histopathology laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. Our pathologists and personnel will be supported by state-of-the-art information systems, such as a proprietary AI-based pathology decision support tool, the Inify pathology workstation with structured reporting, and a tailor-made laboratory process support system.
The R&D team of Inify Laboratories will continually improve the digital tools using an agile devops process. Together with the medical and laboratory staff, as well as external partners, they will also participate in research activities to further the state of the art of digital pathology.
We are now looking for new people to join our R&D team.

Meet Emelie Edvigsson

Laboratory Manager
Tell us why you wanted to work at Inify Laboratories
I was attracted by the idea of working for a company that aims to improve the methods of histopathology, but another major reason was the chance to be a part of building something new, from scratch. Also, the workplace itself is very inclusive, with a high level of professionalism.
Are there any values at Inify Laboratories that are especially important to you?
Yes, I appreciate the open atmosphere, where everyone’s opinion is important. Here, we’re all working together, toward the same goal.
How do you get to use your specific competence?
I get to work with what I enjoy: improving workflows, creating positive work environments and building highly functional teams.
What do you like best about your new job?
Having the opportunity to think outside the box, together with super-competent coworkers. Also, our teams are mainly cross-disciplinary, which means I’m constantly learning new things. It’s great to work closely with other fields on an everyday basis.