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Inify Laboratories provides cancer diagnostics through ultramodern pathology laboratory services. We are building our first histopathology laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. Our pathologists and personnel will be supported by state-of-the-art information systems, such as a proprietary AI-based pathology decision support tool, the Inify pathology workstation with structured reporting, and a tailor-made laboratory process support information system.
The R&D team of Inify Laboratories will continually improve the laboratory information systems using an agile DevOps process.
Together with the medical and laboratory staff, as well as external partners, they will also participate in research activities to further the state of the art of digital pathology.
Inify Dev

Software Engineer – Full Stack

Job Summary
As a fullstack software engineer you will design and implement information systems to support the operations of the Inify laboratories, including tracking of the specimen workflow through the laboratory, management of clinical data such as the pathology request and report, AI analysis of the specimen images, and display of the images to pathologists.

As the laboratory is the top-level system to be developed, software engineering at Inify happens in the wider context of systems engineering.

We work according to medical device design controls which means that we apply some degree of rigor to our agile development process.

The preferred location for this position is within commuting distance from Linköping as visits to the office is required at least once a week.
Job Description
  • Acquire and maintain good understanding of histopathology and the laboratory as a system to be able to make wise design choices
  • Develop detailed software requirements together with the other stakeholders in the laboratory. Often in a workshop setting
  • Contribute to the resolution of system (laboratory) level system integration issues
  • Design and implement all types of mission critical software for the laboratory
  • Participate in verification and validation of the software
  • Participate in the improvement of the software development process
Key Qualifications
  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Good command of the English language. Command of Swedish is a plus
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript and Python
  • Deep understanding of software design
  • Proven ability to produce mission critical code
  • Experience from both frontend and backend development
  • Good general problem-solving skills
Current Tech stack
  • GitLab
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Postgresql
  • InfluxDB
  • Keycloak
  • FHIR
  • Pycharm
  • Graphana
  • Prometheus
  • Autobahn/WAMP
  • Behave
  • Selenium
  • Pytest
  • npm 
What Inify Laboratories offers
  • The chance to make a real difference in cancer care
  • Interesting problems that nobody has solved before
  • Great learning opportunities
  • Brilliant and friendly colleagues
  • An enlightened and rational culture
  • Flexible working arrangements
Except for some workshops and other meetings in the office and work in our physical test environment, remote work is fine.
Additional information
An EU work permit is required.
The preferred location for this position is within commuting distance from Linköping as visits to the office is required at least once a week.