Inify Laboratories – now listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo under the INIFY ticker

Today I’m truly thrilled to announce that Inify Laboratories is admitted to trading on Euronext Growth Oslo, less than 5 months after we became independent. With solid funding of NOK 150 million, provided through an equity issue towards supportive long-term shareholders as well as the management and Board of Directors, we have all prerequisites in place to develop the company and create a monumental paradigm shift within cancer diagnostics,” says Inify Laboratory’s CEO Fredrik Palm.

Inify Laboratories is currently building and establishing an ultra-modern laboratory that will provide cancer diagnostics within histopathology. Designed from scratch, it uses a fully digital, standardized and AI-supported workflow to optimize quality and shorten response times, initially within prostate cancer. The first laboratory, located at Campus Solna Sweden, is estimated to start offering services to both public and private healthcare providers before summer 2023.

Clinical pathology is currently under high pressure, with heavy workloads and limited – even declining – resources in many places. Aging populations, increasing cancer incidence, and more frequent exams and screening programs further increase the workload. Solving the problem by adding more manpower to the healthcare providers is simply not possible, as there is an acute lack of medical professionals within pathology.

After more than five years of investments in technology development and domain knowledge, it became clear to us that a laboratory setup, designed from scratch, is the pathway to making a real difference for patients and medical professionals in the shortest possible time,” says Palm.

Services offered include the whole chain of tissue sample handling, from logistics and sample preparation, to diagnostic reporting by a pathologist from either Inify Laboratories or the customer’s organization. The diagnosis is assisted by our own AI software, proven in clinical studies to have world-leading accuracy. The entire workflow is supported by a tailor-made process control system. A complete system design ensures seamless integration, thus supporting an optimal and efficient workflow. Full control over tissue sample preparation ensures optimal data quality, for further development of powerful AI software supporting the diagnostic decisions made by the pathologists.

The concept is scalable in terms of volume, diagnoses and geographical expansion, which enables global growth potential with business and patient reach. We offer a unique, attractive workplace for our multidisciplinary team where we merge technical and medical expertise in the same organization, sharing our vision to deliver world-leading cancer diagnostics,” says Palm.

Inify Laboratory originates from ContextVision, with nearly 40 years of experience within digital imaging for medical applications, and became independent through a spin-off in February 2022.

Fredrik Palm, CEO of the Inify Laboratories, will host an online presentation today, Monday June 20th at 13:00 AM.

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The company, based in Sweden, is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo under the ticker INIFY.

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