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An algorithm is only as smart as its underlying training data. The predicting AI-based engine in INIFY® Prostate is built on deep learning algorithms that are meticulously trained and fine-tuned by ContextVision’s skilled research team, resulting in proprietary high-performance algorithms with pixel-level accuracy.
Our unique and patented MasterAnnotation™ method has been used to create the training data on which the predicting engine is built. Using multiplex immunofluorescent staining, it identifies and highlights suspicious cancer areas and other structures with extreme precision, on a pixel level; these are then quality assured by certified pathologists.

INIFY Prostate

For real diagnostic confidence, accuracy is everything, and this is where we truly shine. INIFY Prostate takes accuracy far beyond a case or slide level. Now, pathologists are presented with amazing detail on an actual pixel level. Suspicious cancer areas are outlined with unsurpassed accuracy. Read more
INIFY Prostate is designed to help pathologists make the most of their valuable time. The INIFY viewer combines powerful performance and speed with a user-friendly, intuitive interface and a broad range of useful tools and time-saving features. Read more
Our experienced specialists have been working closely together with pathologists from all over the world, creating tools that can be attuned to diverse clinical workflows and user needs. To ensure a smooth fit into the clinical workflow, INIFY Prostate is easy to integrate into the clinic’s LIS/PACS system.
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Innovation, technical know-how and professionalism – these are the cornerstones of ContextVision’s enduring market leadership for the last 30 years. Today, ContextVision’s state-of-the-art solutions for medical imaging are used in over 300,000 systems worldwide.
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INIFY® Prostate provides pathologists with a decision support tool that explores the advantages of new digital technology in whole new ways. Drawing on the very latest breakthroughs in AI and deep learning, INIFY Prostate Screening empowers pathologists faced with today’s ever-increasing workload. It makes room for smarter, more accurate and faster decisions, and is already proven to be adaptable to different workflows and user needs. INIFY Prostate builds on the strong foundation of innovation, technical know-how and professionalism that has been a trademark of ContextVision for the last 30 years.
We are proud to announce that INIFY Prostate has been granted CE mark status, and is now available for routine clinical use within the European Union.